SPOKANE COUNTY, WA – Tuesday, May 7, 2024, The Public Works Board (PWB) of the Washington State Department of Commerce awarded Broadlinc in Spokane County a $2 million broadband construction funding award loan to construct high-speed internet fiber between the towns of Spangle, Waverly, and Fairfield. “Broadband is the ‘new essential utility,’ as vital to economic growth as reliable energy, clean water, and good roads. Access to, and use of, high-speed Internet is vital for today’s communities – large and small” shared Commissioner Mary Kuney, also Broadlinc Governing Board Chair.

High speed internet has revolutionized business, government, education, health care, remote job creation and lifestyles and is needed in the rural communities this funding brings to this portion of South Spokane County.

“Broadlinc is committed to Open Access solutions, and already has multiple internet providers in interested in offering affordable, competitive internet service to customers through infrastructure built from this award,“ states Broadlinc Executive Director Ariane Schmidt.

This project is only one of the many rural areas in Spokane County that need internet. Broadlinc is committed to and actively pursuing funding solutions for all of our unserved and unserved communities.

About Broadlinc: Established in 2022 by the Spokane County Commissioners, Broadlinc serves as the Spokane Regional Broadband Development Authority. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, Broadlinc is dedicated to promoting digital equity and fostering the development of broadband infrastructure across Spokane County.

If you’re interested in broadband expansion across Spokane County, we invite you to join the Spokane Broadband Action Team (BAT) which meets on the third Friday of each month at 10am. Internet service providers, CAIs, and other interested residents discuss the projects, opportunities, and challenges of connectivity across the county. Learn more and sign up for meeting reminders at broadlinc.org/bat.