Broadlinc’s Board

The Spokane County Commissioners recognized the importance of preserving publicly funded broadband infrastructure as community assets, akin to accessible roads and bridges, envisioning digital highways that are open to multiple internet service providers (ISPs), competitive, and cost-effective for end-users. To realize this vision, Broadlinc was established, and our board actively works towards this goal.

Governing Board, Chair

Mary Kuney

Spokane County Commissioner

Mary Kuney is the current County Commissioner of Spokane County. She is a CPA and former Washington State Auditor and was the Chief Deputy Auditor for Spokane County prior to being appointed County Commissioner in 2017. As a Washington State Auditor, Kuney was in-charge of the Spokane County audit for two years, ensuring that the County complied with all laws and regulations. In her former role of Chief Deputy Auditor for Spokane County, she worked with all the departments across the County, establishing strong relationship with department heads. She has a passion for youth, devoting over 30 years of volunteer work to youth development and also has started two businesses from scratch.

Governing Board, Vice Chair

Terri Cooper

City of Medical Lake Mayor

Representing Cities Under 50,000 Population

Terri Cooper has 23 years of municipal government experience as the appointed Municipal Court Administrator. She worked 6 years for Medical Lake, and the past 17 years for Cheney Municipal Court. Her work as the court administrator includes developing and presenting the annual budget to the city council and fiscal responsibility for administering the ADDUA budget for the court and overseeing the clerks and probation offices. She founded and implemented for court and probation services that include a local community service program, cognitive awareness group and individual classes, traffic school, EWU internship career pipeline, and Cheney youth court.  Founding member of the Washington State Association of Youth Courts and Eastern Washington Court Managers group.

Governing Board

Michael Cathcart

City of Spokane Council Member
District 1

Representing Cities Over 50,000 Population

Elected in 2019, Michael Cathcart represents Northeast Spokane (District 1) on the Spokane City Council. For more than a decade, Michael has worked tirelessly to improve our community by working both inside and outside of government. Michael spent two years working for Sen. Michael Baumgartner as his Legislative Aide and five more years working with the Spokane Home Builders Association advocating for smarter local housing policies. In the last few years, he has served as Executive Director of Better Spokane (a position he still holds) working to improve the region’s business climate. Prior to joining Council, Michael has served as a Neighborhood Chair, a member of the Community Assembly, and selected to serve on several task forces related to housing, employment, and comprehensive plan updates.

Governing Board

Scott Simmons

Chief Executive Officer, Spokane County

Scott Simmons is a seasoned operations leader with a proven process and analytical approach, bringing over 20 years of experience in finance, telecommunications, energy and public administration. Prior to serving as CEO for Spokane County, he was Director of Public Works for the City of Spokane and also held various finance positions. He in an alumnus of University of Idaho, with a BS in Business Accounting. He has demonstrated ability to align strategy and business execution with a strong focus on client satisfaction and employee engagement.

Governing Board

Kyle Twohig

Senior Director of Public Works, Spokane County

Kyle Twohig is the Senior Director of Public works for the County of Spokane. Prior to joining the County, Twohig worked with the City of Spokane, both as the Direct of Engineering Services and as the Engineering Operations Manager for City Hall.  Since 2019, Twohig has served as the Project Review Committee Vice Chair for the Washington State Capital Projects Advisory Review Board, providing analytical and detailed review of project proposals.  Outside of his work with the County, Twohig also has over a decade of experience within sales through his position as a Product Rep with Sneva MFG custom skis, sharing his passion of skiing with those around him.  He holds an MBA in Business Administration from Gonzaga University and a BA in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University.