Spokane City Council Member Michael Cathcart has been appointed to the Spokane Regional Broadband Public Development Authority (Broadlinc) as liaison from the City of Spokane.  

“I’m incredibly proud to participate in this work on behalf of the City of Spokane. Without access to quality broadband internet, underserved residents of Spokane are at a disadvantage in seeking employment opportunities, utilizing virtual education and accessing healthcare services. Ensuring families across our community possess the technology and necessary skills to fully participate in the 21st-century digital economy is an absolute necessity.” says Council Member Michael Cathcart. 

Broadlinc’s mission is to seek to encourage, foster, develop, and improve affordable, quality broadband accessibility for underserved, and unserved communities and populations in Spokane County. 

“Broadlinc was formed by Spokane County Commissioners to ensure that whenever possible, publicly funded investment in broadband infrastructure remains a public asset for households, businesses and anchor institutions using new or enhanced capacity with the assurance of digital access and adoption opportunity.” says Ariane Schmidt, Executive Director of Broadlinc. 

County Commissioner Mary Kuney, who currently serves as Board Chair of Broadlinc, shares “Broadlinc allows the County and member cities to work together in assuring the highest degree of public benefit for what has become the new essential modern utility – high capacity internet.  The collaboration by Broadlinc has already, and will continue to be, a driving factor to enhance resiliency in our rural and urban communities alike.” 

Broadlinc will oversee acquisition of broadband assets and infrastructure on behalf of member cities and towns of Spokane County, administer broadband assets and infrastructure for shared use and benefit with the participating areas, and insure necessary broadband infrastructure and services delivery enhancements. 

“It’s exciting to see the partnership between City of Spokane and Broadlinc come together. There are innovative technology ideas on the horizon that will have such a positive impact on access for our neighborhoods, including an exciting pilot project in the Logan neighborhood.” says Cathcart. “For Spokane to competitively recruit businesses and residents, it must be dedicated to staying up to date with technological trends. With Broadlinc’s resources and partnership, the City of Spokane will be able to realize the kind targeted investment needed to better support our neighborhoods.”

Originally published on spokanecity.org.