Accessible Broadband is The New Essential Utility!

Our Executive Director, Ariane Schmidt talks about Broadlinc in the 2023-24 edition of Greater Spokane Inc’s Connect Magazine. Broadband, high-speed internet, plays a pivotal role in our modern lives, especially in a post-pandemic world, and cites it as the new essential utility, just like clean water and electricity. This article sheds light on the significant federal funding dedicated to broadband in both rural and urban areas.

We’re grateful for the forward-thinking approach of Spokane County Commissioners in addressing the digital divide and creating resilient communities by creating the Spokane Regional Broadband Development Authority (ie, Broadlinc). There are innovative methods we’re using to identify underserved areas in order to win funding and gain the potential to transform education, healthcare, remote work opportunities and more. Read the full article on pages 10-11 here.