About Broadlinc

About Broadlinc

The Spokane County Commissioners recognized the importance of preserving publicly funded broadband infrastructure, akin to accessible roads and bridges. To realize this vision, Broadlinc was established to actively work towards this goal.


Executive Director

Ariane Schmidt

Ariane Schmidt has over 20 years of experience in project, program and portfolio management, procurement, legal & policy constructs, finance, grant funding, IT, GIS, broadband and public administration.  She appreciates the unique characteristics of every organization as the basis for collaboration in effective, efficient, affordable, and sustainable solutions.  She has a passion for taking complex, highly detailed efforts and identifying key business objectives in clear, concise, and conveyable manners to all levels of stakeholders. Ariane has a BS in Mathematics and a MBA. She is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

Outside Plant Project Manager

James Aydelotte

James Aydelotte is one of very few alumni of The Evergreen State University in Olympia, Washington who has also served a tour of duty in the US Army. Following service to our country, James worked in construction and logistics before entering the utility industry. He has robust experience in telecommunications engineering and front-line management throughout the Inland Northwest region. James joined the Broadlinc team with a goal to add his experience to the endeavor of bringing open access, high speed internet to everyone in Spokane County.

Administrative Services

Andy Wittwer

Andy Wittwer has two decades of communications experience in the service industry, adept in creative development, strategic thinking, and project management. He pursues clarity of mission and strategy as key drivers for successful initiatives and enjoys the process of conversation and collaboration which thread together for complex and important work. Having worked with many talented and specialized coworkers, generalization has led him into a variety of project types, always learning and applying new systems to make room for creativity and innovation. He has his BS in Organizational Communications and is currently pursuing his MBA at Eastern Washington University.

Broadlinc PDA

The Spokane Regional Broadband Development Authority Broadlinc was established in 2022 by the Spokane County Commissioners to coordinate with local governments, tribes, public and private entities, nonprofit organizations, and consumer-owned and investor-owned utilities to develop strategies and plans promoting development of broadband infrastructure and greater broadband access.

A public development authority, sometimes known as “public corporations,” assists in administering federal grants or local programs, enhance governmental efficiency and service provision, and/or improve a municipality’s general living conditions. Learn more here.

Ongoing connectivity initiatives

Broadband Planning

Construction Management

Wireless Deployment

Federal Grant Support

State Grant Support

Elect Liaison & Policy Work

Open Access Network Operations

ISP Coordination

Broadband Liaison

Member Cities

City of Medical Lake
City of Spokane
Town of Fairfield
Town of Latah
Town of Rockford
Town of Waverly
Airway Heights
Deer Park

Broadband is the new essential utility, as vital to economic growth as reliable energy, clean water, and good roads. Access to, and use of, high-speed Internet is vital for today’s communities – large and small.