Outside Plant Project Manager

February 29th, 2024|

The Broadlinc Outside Plant Project Manager is experienced in managing telecommunications infrastructure projects, construction of underground/overhead utilities, and handling outside plant data/information. They thrive on being part of a dynamic team and are

Reaching Every Last Mile

Economic development, public safety preparedness and response, access to tele-healthcare (including behavioral and mental health supports) and educational and workforce access rely on a strong broadband internet connection for rural communities.

Internet for All

Broadband Infrastructure enhancements for unserved and underserved populations for connectivity, including but not limited to, mid-mile to last mile access and redundancy for provider connections utilizing the most appropriate methods.

Digital Equity & Access increased participation among eligible populations to available programming for connection devices, subscription access and training in digital navigation. This includes non-digital information pieces available and promoted at locations of other wrap around services in the region like housing vouchers, utility assistance, food security and others.

The New Essential Utility

Broadband is the new essential utility, as vital to economic growth as reliable energy, clean water, and good roads. Access to, and use of, high-speed Internet is vital for today’s communities – large and small.

Broadband has revolutionized business, government, education, health care, remote job creation and lifestyles. Without robust broadband access and fully technologically literate populations, many communities will be unable to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits that ultra-high-speed, next-generation Internet can provide

Broadband is High Speed Internet

Broadband is essential to a thriving community – and we are seeing connected communities that have broadband are successful because they also have strong public-private partnerships and a strategy for using it. It’s imperative that we put policies and practices in place that ensure all our communities can thrive in this technology-driven economic landscape.

Bringing Connectivity to Spokane County

BROADLINC oversees the acquisition of broadband assets on behalf of member cities and towns of Spokane County, administers broadband infrastructure for shared use and benefit with the participating cities, towns and areas, and insures necessary broadband infrastructure and services delivery enhancements for digital equity in every community.