Bringing High Speed Internet to Spokane County

Broadband is the new essential service of a digital economy

High speed internet is just as crucial as reliable energy, clean water, and well-maintained roads. It is the gateway to accessing and contributing to the very best in healthcare, commerce, education, employment, and personal connection.

The Spokane Regional Broadband Development Authority Broadlinc is a public entity as authorized under WA State RCW 35.21.730 through 35.31.749.

South Spokane County Pilot Showcase

Thanks to the 60+ elects, partners, agencies, and residents who showed up!

Reaching every last mile

What lies before us is the ability to give every student access to virtual education. We can enable patients to be monitored safely from their home rather than requiring costly travel to medical centers. We can offer the ability for rural families to have remote careers in small towns and preserve vibrant communities. These are the opportunities when we connect every last mile.

Digital Equity

Access to affordable connectivity, connected devices, digital literacy

Remote Learning

Quality education through virtual access


Virtual mental, behavioral, and health in the home


Robust connections for employment and commerce

Public Safety

First responder connectivity and access to information

Economic Vitality

Developing communities through broadband access


Broadlinc is dedicated to extending broadband access to every household, business, and anchor institution within our county. 

Achieving this goal involves maximizing funding sources including state and federal grants to implement solutions for digital equity access and adoption and enhance high-capacity internet infrastructure in partnership with private companies to provide services in unserved and underserved areas.

Spokane County Connectivity

Headlines for broadband and Broadlinc

Broadband Action Team

Broadlinc is honored to facilitate the Spokane County Broadband Action Team (BAT), an advisory group composed of hundreds of business members and dozens of organizations helping to inform the strategic initiatives for projects in unserved communities. 

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